More goodness from less!

Wholesome Hijke yoghurt is distinctively different. The reason lies in the way in which we make it.

Devoted to the traditional way of making nourishing yoghurt, we first remove 42% of the water from the pasteurised milk through our in-house developed process of ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis. (On average, cow’s milk consists of around 87% water.) We then add the cultures that transform the milk to yoghurt.

The result – a concentrated product with all the nutrition as nature intended it to be!

The rest of the yoghurt industry largely follows a different approach. In general, most producers retain the water content of the milk and add ingredients in the likes of gelatine, milk powder, whey powder, sugar and stabilising agents to thicken their yoghurt, to create more volume and to increase the yield. In doing so, they often end up with more than 100% of the volume of milk at the outset.

We at Hijke produce only 65 liters of yoghurt from every 100 liters of milk and all the nutrients are retained.

“A loss of 35 percent!” we hear you say.

That’s true. But only by doing this are we able to offer undiluted, concentrated sustenance that doesn’t contain additives or non-essential ingredients merely to increase the volume. And come to think of it, our delight to offer you such a natural and hearty product without additives* more than makes up for the loss in volume!

Hijke yoghurt – More goodness from less!

  • Hijke’s flavoured yoghurt contains fruit pulp with sugar that acts as a natural preservative for the fruit.

Hijke yoghurt in smaller tubs - A pricing perspective

For the past two years Hijke yoghurt absorbed the rising production costs of our yoghurt instead of passing it on to our customers as a price increase. Come 2018 we unfortunately cannot do so any longer.

We had two options, namely to increase our price to the retail stores, or to keep our price to the retail market the same, but to reduce the size of our yoghurt tubs.

For practical reasons and also to come in line with trends in packaging and comparable product industries, we decided to change to smaller tubs.

It is important to emphasize that we haven’t increased our price to the retail trade. At the same time we wish to point out that we cannot control the pricing in the retail market.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though – and it will never change – is the sought-after qualities of Hijke yoghurt. It remains the naturally cultured, nutritional and healthy product that our customers expect and accustomed to. It continues to offer that rich, superb texture and consistency that goes much further per tub than most other yoghurts. And we’ll remain true to our principle of offering a product without artificial additives or non-essential ingredients merely to increase the volume in order to reduce costs.

New products coming soon!

We have massive cheese wheels and new yogurt flavours coming soon! Watch this space…

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The SA Cheese Festival which has become synonymous with superb and daring culinary experiences is once again scheduled to provide foodies from all over with a respite from the rush of life in the city from 24 to 27 April 2009.

Cheese lovers will be able to enjoy old favourites, while being wooed by adventurously new dairy and related products in the rustic setting provided by the shady quarters of Bien Donné farm between Paarl and Franschhoek. The festival once again promises to provide exceptional entertainment for the whole family with a variety of cooking demonstrations, tastings and leisurely hours spent shopping in a market atmosphere.

To ensure your entry to this favourite event, tickets will have to be purchased beforehand at Computicket and Checkers stores. NO TICKETS AT THE GATES! Tickets for adults on Friday or Monday cost R85 per person and on Saturday or Sunday R110. Children 12 years and younger enter for free and senior citizens pay R65 for entry on any day of the festival.