About us

01new.jpg Where it started
Hester Hoogendijk started the production of cheese on their farm Doornkraal – located 20 km from the OR Tambo International Airport off the R25 to Bapsfontein – way back in 1998. She branded the product Hijke, a novel and nice-on-the-ear abridging of her first name, Hester, and her surname, Hoogendijk. (Is the Dutch ring to the surname with its connection to the cheese making expertise of the Dutch nation merely a coincidence?)

This spirited farming lady already had a herd of jersey cows at the time (… the best cattle breed when it comes to the creamy milk required for cheese making!). Her formal profession as cheese maker started when she attended a cheese-making course and gained practical experience by working in a cheese factory for almost a year afterwards.

This, together with her passion for good food, her intuition and a natural knack for cheese making, elevated her to become a master cheese maker of note, today with a string of industry awards to prove it.

Natural progression
What started as a humble cheese-making operation has since evolved into a modern installation, especially when Hester’s mechanically minded sons, Christiaan and Gusty, became involved in designing and building the advanced production facility that today is home to Hijke yoghurt and cheese.

Hijke produces two delightful natural product ranges, both without additives or preservatives and of superior quality and taste:

Yoghurt: Plain (double thick, Greek yoghurt) and flavoured (vanilla, granadilla, strawberry, black cherry, banana-toffee, citrus and (seasonal) rhubarb).
Cheese: Gouda, Edam, Pecorino and Parmesan.

In the marketplace
Hijke yoghurt and cheese are currently distributed via select outlets mainly in Gauteng and in the Western Cape.

Expect to pay a little more than the average retail equivalent. At the same time discerning consumers would appreciate the fact that they’re acquiring superior, natural and better-tasting products that are healthier, with a good chance that they’ll use smaller portions compared to similar products that they’ve used before.

If your favourite food store doesn’t stock Hijke yoghurts and cheese, ask them to do so. They can order from us. Our contact details are available here.

Hijke natural yoghurt and cheese – undoubtedly a scoop and a cut above the rest.